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No.1 Debt Collection Agency in Saudi Arabia
Alwasl National Debt Collection Co. has emerged as one of the most prominent debt collection agencies supported by Dr. Abdullah Bin Mahfouz law firm in Saudi Arabia, with a large team of experienced lawyers, collectors and a network of offices in the region. The Headquarter is situated in Jeddah.
The group has in its service a number of distinguished and experienced advocates, legal consultants, and well trained national debt collectors who provide practical solutions to the legal problems taking into account each client’s commercial objectives. We are equipped with a competent team of legal assistants and administrative staff, who provide the necessary backing for the legal team. With these combined efforts, the firm has become a prominent player in the provision of legal and debt recovery resources to the corporate and financial service sectors locally, regionally and worldwide.


    We are qualified and experienced in handling the full process of commercial debt collection in Saudi Arabia, reducing the in-house fixed costs to cost-effective variable costs. We understand the importance of getting your commercial debt collection process right, whether running a small or multinational business.

    Our specialized staff is capable of performing complete customer/debtor checks through our association with credit monitoring institutions and we are therefore able to advise on credit lines & limits that should be provided to customers of our clients. 

    We aim to help organisations improve their performance and value all our clients whom we are committed to, for the sake of good business and good social responsibility. 

    For all clients we offer a list of services for business owners to choose from, depending on their particular business needs.

    Corporate Collection
    We understand that larger corporate firms will typically require a more tailored debt recovery solution.From banks and accountancy firms to department stores and truck manufacturers, we work with some of the world’s largest businesses to deliver bespoke corporate debt recovery services that meet varying requirements.
    Early Recovery
    Our early arrears collection service involves our team contacting the clients of business loans as soon as they miss a repayment or skip a direct payment. Calling confidentially as an extension of your own team, this resource ensures you remain on top of clients, recover payment quickly.
    Skip Tracing
    We expand our collection & legal services out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Quick action will be taken through our external branches in the United Kingdom, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, India, Pakistan, Sudan, Indonesia, & the Philippines to establish direct contact in the home country for skip cases.
    Legal Debt Recovery
    Sometimes it is necessary for providers of business loans to adopt a firm approach to recover payment from their clients.Our theory is to recover without restoring to litigation, we prefer to recover through direct contact and recommend filing legal action.
    Security & Confidentiality
    Our field ensures that security futures are designed into each new development to protect sensitive data. All information relating to cases referred to us is considered confidential. We will provide a high standard of care and integrity protecting our customers’ information to prevent any disclosure. We follow a high standard of quality while handling delinquent customers.
    The first & foremost step for us to start recovering your debt is to meet with you. The initial consultation and even consultation between the process place vital importance for us to discuss recovery strategies. We need your opinion for times when it’s important that we escalate the matter or else the collection agency is unable to do the process. Our consultants are seasoned debt collection experts and so are in the best position to understand.

    Emerging as one of the best debt collection companies in Saudi Arabia, our company has been developed proudly to be unique in its field with a high supreme standard. It wouldn’t have been possible without our honorable Delegates