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Alwasl is well known regionally and internationally as one of the preeminent legal resources and debt collection service providers to the Business and Banking. With more than 8 years of experience in legal consultancy, advocacy, and collection, the practice has attracted clients seeking specialized and innovative quality and professional legal support in civil, criminal and commercial matters.

Debt Collection

Statistics show that after 90 days, you lose approximately 10% per month on unpaid commercial balances. So utilizing ALWASL who has professionals specialized in collecting can lead to decreased delinquency rates because you are basically gaining a full-time staff of employees dedicated to recovering overdue funds on your behalf.

ALWASL’s employees know all of the best practices for collecting funds and have vast experience and patience to handle certain situations that may arise in a professional and courteous manner. And, they know the tactics for getting delinquent accounts up-to-date before they progress into the latter stages of delinquency. Finally, it’s not about collecting funds it’s about resolving the issues.

In-House Attorney

We strongly prefer to resolve debt collection matters without going to court. But whenever it’s necessary, we do a full out-of-court debt collection effort under the name of our in-house law firm at our same low contingency rates.

Legal Protection

Laws govern the debt collection industry. Working with ALWASL National professionals will mitigate the legal risks that might be involved in collecting process the debt on your own.

Variety of Locations

Your clients are defiantly not in one location. So our multiple offices in different cities and countries mean more approachable for your clients, and will gain a money-efficient collection process as well as time.

Increased Productivity, Revenue, and Brand Loyalty

Our best Smart practice, agile and scalable financial debt recovery solutions will allow you and your employees to focus on your core business activities, dedicate more time, resources, and effort to reaching strategic goals such as providing a better customer service experience, and help retain your customers and drive brand loyalty.

Using Multi-Channel Strategies

whether voice call, SMS, social media or email – along with advanced analytics can help you connect and collect at the right time with the right approaches.


ALWASL National keeps detailed records and documents on interactions with debtors. Should there be a conflict that arises in the future with a former debtor, these records that were put forth will be used to recover the new debt.